Waking up early one Monday I definitely would have said so, but just one routine morning check of Facebook changed my mind completely. With a slightly unhealthy obsession with Matt Corby’s music, I knew before I’d even heard Monday that it would be stuck on repeat for the week, and I was completely right.

The track has a whole new feeling to his usual blues style, and is almost the polar opposite of his older acoustic tunes, but this maturity suits his tone perfectly. There’s not much to the song other than a kick drum and some clicks, but it’s the layers upon layers upon layers of gorgeous vocals that makes the track irresistible. Of course it wouldn’t be a review of Matt Corby without mentioning his impressive lyrical skills, as towards the end of the week I would catch myself yelling ‘I was never lost I only chose to never go home’ out of the blue, and yes I did receive some very strange looks from people.

There’s something addictive to Matt Corby’s new sound, and with a small UK tour about to take place in November, I’m excited to see what he has to bring next.

Monday is available to download on iTunes now


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