This Week’s One to Watch!

Starling is one of those musicians that can instantly take your breath away. With gorgeous vocals that could put Hannah Reid of London Grammar to shame, she is definitely one of those singers that make you question whether it’s even possible to be so good. The delicate vocals of the chorus and the soft piano in Take It Down scream of her potential, and you just know you won’t forget about her anytime soon.

Take It Down is the first single from Starling’s EP featuring three other incredible songs: Craving, Wild Heart and Misfit. Each one has it’s own captivating atmosphere, that it’s quickly become one of my favourite EP’s of the year!

Yet I think it will be Craving that is Starling’s golden key, with the kind of beat that is pure perfection for soundtracks and fierce vocals that you immediately fall in love with.

Starling recently signed to Communion Records, and I can only see things going up for her! What do you think? Leave me comments below on your opinion and whether or not you love her as much as I do!


Going back to HAUS – ONES TO WATCH!

After catching their energetic performance at a festival over the summer, I was desperate to find more material from this exciting new band, yet I couldn’t find a thing! Despite the word ‘HAUS’ coming up in search engines as anything but the band, I can definitely see them growing in popularity over the coming year, and becoming as big as the Llandudno stars Catfish and the Bottlemen. Yet after a long struggle, I finally found Haze, and I can only describe it as one word: addictive. Haze has a lively and youthful feel to it that makes you want to pick up that skateboard that’s been gathering dust in your garage for years.

Fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Foals will love this!