With my deadlines out of the way, this past week has been filled with sipping copious amounts of tea whilst discovering some fantastic new bands and musicians. Yet in the midst of the many incredible songs and bands I found (check out Sundara Karma if you’re looking for a Foals or Maccabees-esque indie anthemic band, or Kagoule if you’re feeling more turn-the-volume-up-full lo-fi alternative rock), there was one that stood out in particular.

Leo James Conroy has a voice that can only be compared to the likes of Matt Corby, and lyrical abilities that reflect the Jeff Buckley tracks that make you hang onto every word whilst you watch the raindrops on the window. Hailing from Manchester (I do have a soft spot for a fellow Mancunian, but I promise you this has in no way biased my judgement of him), Leo is slowly starting to make a name for himself, and you can definitely see why!

Check out his incredible voice on Love Blind Eyes:

Or just how insane he is in general in Forbidden Fruit:


I can see Leo going far, so I’m glad I’ve found him now before he blows up! If you’ve fallen head over heels for his music, just as I have, you can catch him at Band on the Wall in Manchester on May the 21st.

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