Ones to Watch

It’s been a while since I last shared my new musical loves, as my University work took priority over my life. But while I was away I delved into the collections of some incredible artists and it took me a long time to be able to compile them into the most promising acts to keep your eyes on!

These guys have stacks of potential and I can really see them making it big, and I just can’t wait to hear what more they have to bring!

Declan McKenna – Paracetamol

Declan McKenna has already started to make waves with his incredible music that can only be described as the lovechild of  Ezra Koenig and Jamie T. Yet it’s his Alex Turner- like lyrical abilities that lead him to be signed to Columbia Records. I’m obsessed with this track, Paracetamol, right now, and I know you will be too!

Black Honey – Corrine

Black Honey have completely taken over my life these past few months. Their lo-fi indie sound has definitely started to make an impression on the scene, and despite Izzy (lead vocalist) stating that “If it was my way we’d still be a secret band”, they’re growing with every waking second, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Rukshana Merrise – Money

I’ve been a fan of Rukshana Merrise for quite some time now, but I can’t say I was fully excited about her when I initially found her earlier tracks, yet, as with most artists, it only takes one song to change my opinion of everything. Money is an incredibly upbeat track that I can’t help but bob my head to and scream along to. After signing to one of my favourite labels, Communion Records, I knew that Rukshana would be going on to great things, and this is proof of that!

Top Picks This Month – December

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a sucker for finding music that matches the weather and atmosphere of a certain place. That’s why this month’s top picks in up and coming music are some of the most perfect songs for giving you that winter feel.

Susie Suh x Robot Koch – Here With Me

This beautifully minimalistic song just screams of early morning condensation on windows. With features on TV programmes such as Blacklist I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard this little gem earlier, yet here I am obsessing over every word she softly whispers. This track radiates atmosphere and emotion and so I can see this having a huge use in film and TV soundtracks in the near future!

Joseph Lofthouse – 31

Joseph Lofthouse, a singer-songwriter hailing from Lancashire, has supported the likes of Elbow on tour, and is well known for his incredible songwriting skills. His debut EP, Grace, has recently been released and features this relaxing beauty. Grab yourself a blanket and hot drink and let yourself be sucked in by this stunning song, 31.

Jack Watts – Red Shortbread

Jack Watts puts his all into every performance – just search for his recording of Push Blue for the Mahogany Sessions and you’ll know! – and this song isn’t exempt from this. With a catchy chorus and a passion that’s hard to mimic, Jack Watts is beginning to create a stir and I can’t wait to see what he has in store.


This Week’s One to Watch!

Starling is one of those musicians that can instantly take your breath away. With gorgeous vocals that could put Hannah Reid of London Grammar to shame, she is definitely one of those singers that make you question whether it’s even possible to be so good. The delicate vocals of the chorus and the soft piano in Take It Down scream of her potential, and you just know you won’t forget about her anytime soon.

Take It Down is the first single from Starling’s EP featuring three other incredible songs: Craving, Wild Heart and Misfit. Each one has it’s own captivating atmosphere, that it’s quickly become one of my favourite EP’s of the year!

Yet I think it will be Craving that is Starling’s golden key, with the kind of beat that is pure perfection for soundtracks and fierce vocals that you immediately fall in love with.

Starling recently signed to Communion Records, and I can only see things going up for her! What do you think? Leave me comments below on your opinion and whether or not you love her as much as I do!


Who said Monday was the worst day of the week?

Waking up early one Monday I definitely would have said so, but just one routine morning check of Facebook changed my mind completely. With a slightly unhealthy obsession with Matt Corby’s music, I knew before I’d even heard Monday that it would be stuck on repeat for the week, and I was completely right.

The track has a whole new feeling to his usual blues style, and is almost the polar opposite of his older acoustic tunes, but this maturity suits his tone perfectly. There’s not much to the song other than a kick drum and some clicks, but it’s the layers upon layers upon layers of gorgeous vocals that makes the track irresistible. Of course it wouldn’t be a review of Matt Corby without mentioning his impressive lyrical skills, as towards the end of the week I would catch myself yelling ‘I was never lost I only chose to never go home’ out of the blue, and yes I did receive some very strange looks from people.

There’s something addictive to Matt Corby’s new sound, and with a small UK tour about to take place in November, I’m excited to see what he has to bring next.

Monday is available to download on iTunes now