By The Rivers – If They Don’t Know

The Leicester-based Reggae band By the Rivers have been cooking up a storm over the past few years, and I was lucky enough to jump on their wagon around two years ago. With a welcoming fanbase that just loves to spread awareness of their rhythmic beats, it still surprises me that the band haven’t been picked up by an independent label, yet the band’s name is simmering and I just know that they’re about to blow up in the underground scene!

By the Rivers bring a youthful and mainstream edge to the reggae genre, with a classic pop- melody line that is backed by ska- like keys and brass, and driven with deep reggae guitar and drum beats, that makes this ancient genre seem brand new. After listening to their self-titled debut album on constant repeat for the past year and a half, they have finally gifted us with a much anticipated new track, If They Don’t Know. The catchy melody line of this track is bound to stick in your head for days, as it has with mine, and I just can’t get enough of it!

It’s a known fact that the popularity of genres circles round every few years. It’s about time that reggae has it’s turn, and when it does, everyone is going to be listening to By the Rivers.